Attrocities of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) or

Peoples' Liberation Front


During the period 1987-1992 the JVP murdered hundreds of members of the working class in the South of the island in order to force people to join anti-government strikes.


Just 15 year ago JVP attacked the holiest of Buddhist shrines, the sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy and also the Katunayake International airport.


Information below is gathered from a news paper in Sri Lanka. (An official document marked 'top secret' listed killings that the JVP carried out during this time.)


Killed :


3210    Informants                   1735 Government supporters  487 Government servants

52        Educationists   (Including 50 Principals, a vice chancellor and a University professor)

70        Politicians        (35 were leading politicians)


Service personnel :


209      Security forces             342      Police personnel                      98        Home guards



In 1989 alone, JVP murdered 24 Buddhist clergies (For refusing to bow to the Marxists principles)


Name of Buddihist Clergy   Buddhist Temple    Date
Rev. Poddalamulle Premaloka      18/12/1988
Rev. Marambe Somaratana     31/12/1988
Rev. Angunakolapelasse Upali    07/01/1989
Rev. Kumbagoda Gunaloka    Mihintale Temple 11/07/1987
Rev. Kotikawatte Saddhatissa    03/08/1989
Rev. Hemaloka   Nandimithra Temple –Pallama 04/08/1989
Rev. W. Pangnatisa Athurugiriya Temple  13/08/1989
Rev. Soragune Pangnasara  Rajamahaviharaya      20/08/1989
Rev. Kirawanagama Pangnarama    27/08/1989
Rev. Welltota Pangnadassi Kithalagamuwa Temple 30/08/1989
Rev. Pelpola Dharmapala  Jayasumanaramaya 04/09/1989

Rev. Muditha  

Sri Sudharshanaramaya – Hiniduma 05/09/1989
Rev. Kahawa Wimalasiri  Bodhirajaramaya 09/09/1989
Rev. Mahanuwara Dammarakkitha Bambarangala Temple 18/09/1989
Rev. Govunne Rathanajothi Mawelagama Rajamaha Viharaya 20/09/1989
Rev. Thiaranagama Rathanasara   29/09/1989
Rev. Thambugala Anandasiri    13/10/1989
Rev. Dikpitiye Angirasa  Sri Keththarama Temple  05/10/1989
Rev. Kalutara Dharmarathana   12/10/1989
Rev. Wimalakeerthi Dangolla Temple – Horambawa 20/10/1989
Rev. Nikapitiye Siddhartha Deliwala Temple  30/10/1989
Rev. D. Gunawansa   Mangalagama Pirivena – Molagoda 05/11/1989
Rev. Welipitiye Pangnatissa Viyaneliya Temple 29/11/1989
Rev. Bamunupotha Somarathana Medpitiya Temple 10/12/1989
Rev. W. Pangnananda Weulukannala Temple 11/12/1989
Rev. Ambewela Chandrajothi Kulubululanda Viharaya 12/12/1989

Rev. Rekawa Pangnasiddhi               

Ubhayaramaya Temple – Rekawa      16/12/1989


In 1987 and 1988 two Catholic priests were killed by JVP.


Name of Priest                     Place of incident                                         Date               


Fr. Michael Paul Rodrigo         Subaseth Gedara, Kataragama                                 11/10/1987

Fr. P. Lionel Jayasinghe         Lanka Deva Sabhawa – Tissamaharamaya    25/03/1988


Vandalism and sabotage by JVP




553      CTB buses                  15        CTB depots                 01        CTB workshop


113      Government vehicles   29        Private vehicles




16        Trains              12        Rail tracks                    24       Railway stations


680      Post offices     18        Postal vehicles            12        Telecommunication centres


01        CTO building   84        Key telephone lines


04        Paddy collecting centres and cultivation and milk collecting centres


73        Tea factories   38        Estate bungalows


Many   Estate vehicles, Tea leaf collecting centres



Corporations vandalised 


(1)Timber Corporation depots             (2) Distilleries                           (3) Weaving centres,

(4) Building Materials Corporation       (5) Plywood Corporation          (6) Cashew Corporation,

(7) Fertiliser Corporation                      (8) Mining buildings                 (9) Government schools.





132      Electric transformers                13        Pylons                         69        Power lines

02        Power stations                        25        Electric meters             09        Elec-sub stations

103      Agrarian service centres





More than 40 Banks


21        Government office


294      Offices of Government agents


Private property damaged


107      Homes of service personnel    76        Houses of Police officers         Home Guards


20        Houses of civilians                  33        Private buildings


05        Sarvodaya Centres                             Homes of provincial council members,


Social centres and Trade union offices          

Foreign construction projects and construction centres








JVP leader Somawansa admitted to the killing of at least 6,000 people


Civil society was shocked to learn that Somawansa Amerasinghe has accepted that the Janatha Vimuke Peramuna (JVP) murdered 6000 people including hundreds of politicians and others, including President KumaratungaÕs husband Vijeya Kumaratunga! Amerasinghe is the only member still alive of the JVP politburo of that time. Civil society expects that the international community will demand legal action after the revelation of such a vast number of brutal murders.


He has been in self-imposed exile in the United Kingdom for the past few years. The evidence against him has been well documented and there is a warrant in Sri Lanka for his arrest.


It is shameful that the Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga to brought Somawansa from London as a State guest to address the election rally last year and then allowed him to go back to UK, instead of having him arrested. Yet another outrageous act of President Chandrika!


According to Human rights organisations and the Sri Lankan media, the JVP has killed or contributed to the killing of more than 60,000 people in 1980s.



30,000 Deadly army deserters


Weapon trained Army deserters are the main culprits behind a series of crimes that have rocked Colombo in the past few months, police charge.


The rapid recruitment of men into the army and large-scale desertion has resulted in army deserters being involved in most of the serious crimes committed in the country ranging from bank robberies to organized crimes and murder.


According to Police sources there are around 30,000 deserters. "All of them are weapon trained and have been involved in many serious crimes in recent months,'' a senior police official said. Deserters have been linked to the spate of bank robberies that have taken place across the country in the past few months as well as to the activities of the underworld gangs.


A Navy deserter is one of the suspects wanted in connection with the killing of a 59 year old woman in her home at Peliyagoda on Monday. On Wednesday, Kegalle Police recovered nearly 15 kilograms of robbed gold jewellery from the home of an army deserter in Hingurakgoda and took into custody three suspects of whom two were deserters.


In connection with the latest attempted robbery at the People's Bank branch at Battaramulla, Police have arrested six people including three army deserters and a policeman. Police are looking for two others including another deserter.


According to Thalangama Police OIC Crimes Anura Perera, the same gang has been involved in six bank heists, all in different branches of the People's Bank. "The suspects confessed they only targeted state banks," he said.


In December, the Bank Manager and a security guard at the People's Bank branch at Padalangala in Embilipitiya were killed during a bank robbery. The gang that attempted the robbery at Battaramulla last week is believed to be the same gang behind the Embilipitiya incident. They have also been linked to bank robberies in Athurugiriya and Nittambuwa .


Nearly 99 per cent of the weapons being used in the recent spate of crimes are believed to be those that disappeared during the time of the JVP insurrection in the late 80's and which have not been accounted for, according to army spokesman. (excerpts, Sunday Times ­ 14 January 2001)





Security tightened in Sri Lanka


The AFP news agency reported that three members of the elite presidential bodyguard were arrested for alleged involvement in poll-related violence. Earlier, Sri Lanka's Defence Ministry said nearly 170 army deserters had been arrested over the weekend amid reports they'd been involved in election-related violence.


It said efforts would be made to round-up an estimated 30,000 deserters who have fled fighting with Tamil separatists in the island's northeast. ( BBC South East Asia ­ 3 December 2001)


Army deserters gang- raped British tourist


COLOMBO- (AFP) ­ 12 February 2002 - Four Sri Lankan army deserters were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the alleged gang rape of a British woman tourist eight days ago, police said.

The men were taken into custody at the eastern town of Polonnaruwa where the woman was allegedly raped, police said. A locally-made gun, cash and stolen goods were found with the suspects.

The attackers had allegedly threatened the woman, her male companion and their driver with weapons before the rape. They also allegedly robbed the British couple of their cash and wristwatches.


(Ps. Army deserters fleeing heavy fighting in the north and east have been blamed for sharp rise in violent crime in recent years)


Sri Lanka military lists 70,369 soldiers as deserters

(Who replaced these deserters? Children from the South)


COLOMBO Friday 22 April 2005, Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka's military said Friday it has listed over 70,000 soldiers as deserters and appealed to them to get de-listed so they can lead a normal life and stop running from the law.


Brig. Daya Ratnayake said 80,661 soldiers deserted military ranks during the two decade war with Tamil Tiger rebels, which ended with a cease-fire in 2002.


The army launched its first major drive to delist the deserters in October 2003, but only 10,292 deserters responded.


"We appeal to all of them to come and start the process of de-listing,'' Ratnayake said of the new campaign that starts on May 9.

"The deserters will be given a chance to obtain a clearance certificate from the army to continue their livelihood as normal citizens of the country,'' he said.


Ratnayake said there has been a 70 percent drop in the number of deserters since the cease-fire. Sri Lankan media often carry reports of increasing involvement of army deserters in organized crime.

Sri Lanka, a small island country of 19 million people, has about 125,000 personnel in the armed forces. – (AP)